New Resource: Are Micro Schools the Next Big Thing in Education?

student-centered learning, inclusive school environment

Have you ever wondered how education is changing? Or if there is a better approach to educating than the traditional classroom style?

It should strike us as strange that by and large, our children still learn the exact same way we did, in rows and rows of desks, for brief timed intervals, in a classroom run by a single adult who is counted on to impart knowledge through lectures. After all, everything else in the world has changed: how we do business, how we stay in touch with friends, how we manage our finances, and how we shop. Shouldn’t education be changing too? 

We’re exploring all...

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Is Block Scheduling the Way of the Future in Education?

student-centered learning, experiential learning

Block scheduling is an innovation in schools that has earned increasing support from educators, parents, and students. This type of scheduling allows for longer class periods that offer increased instruction time. Public and private high schools that adopt the block schedule are looking for increased student engagement and improved academic outcomes.  What, exactly, is block scheduling? And how can it improve learning?

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The Danger of Achievement Culture—Thoughts from A College Counselor on the College Admissions Scandal

student-centered learning, lifelong learning

At this point, we’ve all heard the news about the bribery scandal rocking the world of college admissions. A few wealthy and powerful people, not content with their children’s existing advantages, resorted to criminality to ensure admission to their schools of choice.

Today, I’m exploring the myth of achievement culture, why the prestige of your child’s college choice is less important than you might think, and how you can actually (and legally) help your high schooler prepare for college and life-long success.

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Can Personalized Learning Prepare Students for 21st Century College, Work, and Life?

student-centered learning, experiential learning

BTWe know that the stakes feel high when it comes to education. Parents and students are often worrying about college options and career paths from the very beginning of the educational journey. 

Education is ultimately about helping each and every child thrive. The test scores and the college offers and the career paths will unfold naturally before the student who is passionate, engaged in learning, and confident in their own ability to learn and grow.

How do you encourage students in these qualities? You put them in a personalized, student-centered classroom environment. Keep reading as...

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Thinking About Schooling Options for Next Fall? Apply by March 8th to Templeton Academy Nashville!

student-centered learning, private educaton, Nashville

At this time of year, many Nashville parents are thinking hard about the next school year. Will their children get the spot they want through the lottery system? Can their family afford private education? Are their kids being challenged enough at their current school? 

We know there is a lot to think about when it comes to making a schooling decision. It's not too late to consider Templeton Academy Nashville! In fact, we've extended our regular admissions to March 8th and are still offering a 5% tuition discount to families that apply before the deadline. This is the perfect moment to...

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