Summer Reading

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I missed the third day of junior year- because I failed to do my Summer Reading. My incredible-in-every-other-way English III teacher used summer reading to weed students out of class. I read John Irving’s The Prayer for Owen Meany. I loved reading- reading the book was not the issue for me to complete; rather she assigned a terrible, pointless project to go with it.  Now, 18 years later, I still remember it: track the different motifs throughout the book. One of the motifs included a baseball and even years later, I feel sure that the word baseball appeared over 100 times in the book....

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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Templeton Academy Nashville: Introducing our New Team Members

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We are not just building a school; we are creating a community. Together, we are building a team of students, families, and teachers working together to achieve greatness.

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, we would like to share more about a few of the rock stars who have joined our team and are ready to transform education in the city of Nashville!

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Who's Your Favorite Poet: Celebrating National Poetry Month

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When you think back on authors and literary works who have impacted the way you see the world, helped change your perspective, or connected you with new ideas and frames of mind; what poems rise to the top? To celebrate National Poetry Month, one of the largest annual literary celebrations in the world, I want to share with you the poetry of Deidra Williams and especially my favorite poem “The Black Woman,” which reminds me of the power, resiliency, and strength of being a black woman.

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Templeton Academy's Book Club Celebrates National Library Month

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Did you know April is National Library Month, a celebration of the important contributions made by our nation's libraries and library workers? This year’s theme is “Libraries = Strong Communities,” highlighting the value of academic, public, and school libraries across the country.

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The Best of 2018: 4 Major Milestones for Templeton Academy in the Last Year

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Have you taken any time this January to reflect back on 2018 and notice how things have grown or changed?

Maybe, like us, you are charging forward with new goals and resolutions for 2019. Maybe, also like us, you are looking back and celebrating the big milestones and accomplishments that took place as you gather strength for the new excitements and new challenges.

That's exactly what we're doing today for Templeton Academy as a whole. How did our personalized, experiential education environment grow and change in 2018? Here are four major milestones we passed in the last twelve months.

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