Kalee’s Original Templeton Academy Application

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Why is this the right location for the next Templeton Academy?

Nashville is a city of both tradition and innovation as a leader in the music, healthcare, hospitality, and tech industries. Nashville’s rapid growth brings a hundred new people to the city each day. While the city is making sweeping changes to embrace the city’s growth and  innovation- one field has remained stagnant- education. According to US News, Tennessee ranks 37th in high school rankings in 2017. Nashville’s public schools rank an average ACT Score of 18.7. Nashville parents are forced to choose between terrible public...

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Aspire to Be the Next Silicon Valley CEO? Here's How You Can Get Started in High School

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Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Michael Dell. Rachel Ray.

What is one thing these entrepreneurial giants have in common? All of them journeyed down unconventional paths in high school and college. Rejecting traditional education and a four year college degree has become a well known part of their atypical success stories.

Many young people have big dreams and aspirations. They enter high school filled to overflowing with ideas and creative solutions for the problems they see around them.

If that spirit is not nurtured and cared for, they can quickly give up on those dreams and ideas in favor of...

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Will Lifelong Learning Be Their Path to The Future?

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Lifelong learning is a buzzword in 21st century education. And for good reason. Becoming a seeker of lifelong learning is critical in today’s fast-changing world. Learning is not only a matter of absorbing information but a process of developing many other internal skills, like curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to tackle tough challenges.”  Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Roots of Action

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Are Teens Learning What They Will Need in the Future World?

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In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone and along with that the idea of the application – or app. Before that moment, the career of app developer was nonexistent. Now, even elementary students study coding, and older students are using the latest coding software to create apps. Technology, with its promise of accelerated changes for the workplace, has created a challenge for education.

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What Skills Will Teens Need to Know for Their Tomorrow?

careers of the future, future of work

How do we prepare our students for what’s next? This question is on the minds and in the discussions of educators who daily confront the challenge of preparing students for the future of work in a world still unknown. To be honest, no one knows precisely what proficiencies and abilities will be required across different jobs and work settings. However, we can focus on the skills that the most successful workers use today in the current wave of new jobs.

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