Top 5 Favorite Summer Learning Trips for Families in Tennessee

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At Templeton Academy we know that learning doesn’t stop during the summer holiday. As our new students gear up for our opening day this fall, we have compiled a list of our team’s favorite summer destinations that bring together fun and learning for an impactful holiday trip. We also understand first-hand how hands-on and experiential learning can impact and engage young learners, helping them connect with history, the arts, math and science like never before.

Put down the remote and head out for some summer fun that will both engage your students’ brains and provide fun experiences for...

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"My Kids Are Thinking About Templeton Academy:" Promoting Student Agency from Application to Graduation

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We recently received an email from an interested parent that opened with the following statement: "my kids are thinking about going to your school."

The rest of the email followed in the typical style for an initial inquiry. The family was interested in learning more and wanted to find a time to connect with a member of the admissions team to talk about the schooling environment and options at Templeton Academy.

Are you perhaps wondering why we found the opening line so striking? Here's the statement again: "my kids are thinking about going to your school." 

In our eyes, this parent showed...

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The Importance of a Learner-Driven Community at the High School Level

experiential learning, adolescent development

For most adults, thinking about our teenage years brings back powerful and distinct memories--memories of a first job, a first relationship, a significant class where you fell in love with a topic, a tough family situation, an identity crisis.

These memories and experiences from adolescence go on to shape our adult lives in significant ways.

In the same way that your first heartbreak may have taught you a lot about relationships, your high school learning environment shaped the way you tackle challenges, think through tough problems, learn and retain information, ask questions, collaborate...

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Are Teens Trying Too Hard To Be Perfect?

parents, adolescent development

Researchers have begun to find interesting patterns in the increase of mental health struggles in teens, including anxiety and depression. While some have tried to pin these phenomena on increased screen time, social media, and lack of interpersonal skills, there is an additional field of thought that technology may not be the root of all struggles.

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Who Needs a Growth Mindset?

self-esteem, adolescent development

“Some of the very brightest students avoid challenges, dislike effort, and wilt in the face of difficulty. And some of the less bright students are real go-getters, thriving on challenge, persisting intensely when things get difficult, and accomplishing more than you expected.”  Professor Carol Dweck

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