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New Resource: Are Micro Schools the Next Big Thing in Education?

[fa icon="calendar"] 11/27/19 2:15 PM / by Templeton Academy

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Have you ever wondered how education is changing? Or if there is a better approach to educating than the traditional classroom style?

It should strike us as strange that by and large, our children still learn the exact same way we did, in rows and rows of desks, for brief timed intervals, in a classroom run by a single adult who is counted on to impart knowledge through lectures. After all, everything else in the world has changed: how we do business, how we stay in touch with friends, how we manage our finances, and how we shop. Shouldn’t education be changing too? 

We’re exploring all these questions and much more in our brand new resource, What Is a Micro School and Why Should You Care?

What Is a Micro School and Why Should You Care?

Micro schools are the most important macro trend in education since 1893 when our “modern” school system was designed. They represent the first real attempt to modernize and shift education so that it makes more sense for the 21st century world.

Our new resource explores the concept of a micro school and explains how and why this model matters in our era. When you download this resource, you’ll learn about:

  • The definition of a micro school (hint: it involves something called Dunbar’s number)
  • Thought leaders in the micro school movement
  • Common themes and learning styles that unite micro schools
  • Why micro schools are uniquely important in the 21st century
  • How micro schools manage to educate more effectively
  • Why you should care about this approach to educating

Micro Schools: The Future of Education

At Templeton Academy, we believe micro schools are the future of education.

We are entering a new era in schooling, and micro schools are at the heart of this transformation. Micro schools are offering environments where students drive their own learning, learn lifelong skills, and build inclusive communities that are conscious of the community around them. These schools are preparing students to be the humane, curious, innovative, thoughtful, and creative people that the 21st century world so desperately needs.

Education has to shift from the institutional delivery model of the industrialized age to an individual model for the information age. Micro schools stand at the forefront of that shift, offering students a personalized, hands-on learning experience that fosters their natural talents and creativity.

Explore the Education Model of the Future in This New Resource

Download the new e-book today and learn more about how education is changing and what you can do to stay aware of the growing micro school movement. We need everyone—teachers, kids, moms, and dads—to stay curious about what education is and how it ought to work. Every school environment can benefit from people who are engaged and interested in asking the big questions about education.

Who knows? Maybe someday your children will be thanking you for thinking hard and learning more about why micro schools are growing in popularity and in outcomes!

Download Today!

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