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Here's What to Expect at Your Admissions Interview for Templeton Academy (Nashville Edition)

[fa icon="calendar"] 12/12/18 8:49 AM / by Kalee Barbis

Kalee Barbis

brick building in Nashville for Blyth Templeton AcademyOur admissions interviews are a great way to see a student’s excitement and enthusiasm
about Templeton Academy.

At this time, you have already toured the school, learned more about Templeton Academy, and worked on recommendations. This is a chance for the school to now really get to know you- and who you are!

At our Nashville campus, we asked students to bring something they were proud of or passionate about; it was incredible to hear prospective students' stories and see them shine. Students brought everything from medals for a sport to a book full of drawings to an actual family pet!

After conducting over thirty interviews last month as part of our early admissions process here in Nashville, here are some tips to help you feel ready for the interview and a look at the steps for the interview process. 

Tips for Your Templeton Academy Interview

  • Dress in clothes that are comfortable for you. Whether that’s your favorite t-shirt or a dress, we want you and your parents to feel like you can be yourselves throughout the interview process.
  • Be confident in who you are. It is awesome to see students who can talk about a passion in politics, explain how their favorite teacher makes books come to life, and share about their own experiences.
  • Bring your best ideas. During the interview, we may ask you to dream big, think outside the box, or embrace a challenge. We want to hear your authentic answers when we ask about what you would do with unlimited money or an injustice you may want to right.
  • Create the Templeton Academy community. All of our students talk about what they love about the school whether it is excursions in the city or the inclusive environment. Let us know what you are hoping to get involved with or contribute to if you join Templeton Academy.

Walking You Through the Templeton Academy Admissions Interview

Step One: Arrival and Greeting

Arrive as a family in clothes you feel comfortable in. Students are then escorted to meet with the interviewer while parents wait.

Step Two: Show and Tell (in Nashville)

Each student should bring something that they are either proud of or passionate about, whether it’s a medal for a competitive gymnast, a paper for a history class, a baseball to represent the love of a sport, a test for a math exam. Whatever the object is, the student should be able to talk about why they love it.
The interviewers may ask a question or two. This activity helps us gauge the student’s perceptions and attitudes with regard to learning.

Step Three: The Interview-Student Portion

The interview is done in a circle so that the student can better see/ relate to the interviewers. For students in grades 4- 8, we will play a game of choice with the student while also casually talking and getting to know the student.

During this time, we also discuss our school's key values of kindness, curiosity, and growth so that we can better understand the student’s story.

Step Four: The Interview-Parent Portion

We are not just starting a school. Rather, we are building a community. We will talk about what it means to be a founding family at Templeton Academy.

We will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

Step Five: Family Debrief

Lastly, meet as an entire family and interview team to go over the decision process, key dates, and more.

Congratulations! You have finished your interview and are one step closer to becoming a student at Templeton Academy!

Want to learn more about how you can join our inclusive, experiential learning community? Check out our comprehensive guide, Your Complete Guide to Applying to Templeton Academy, for tips on applying today!

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Kalee Barbis

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Kalee is the founding Head of School for Templeton Academy in Nashville. Kalee is a Nashville native with a decade of educational experience. Educated at the University of Tennessee, Lipscomb, and Vanderbilt Universities. Kalee is deeply committed to personalized, experiential education. She has a strong track record in developing relationships with students and teachers, and cultivating a student-centered classroom. Kalee spent the past three years in Washington DC, founding Washington Leadership Academy, an XQ Super School focused on reimagining high school, as the assistant principal. Prior to that, Kalee taught in Nashville for six years. She is excited to return home to bring BTA to the city.

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