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"At Blyth-Templeton Academy, we’re very proud to have embraced the micro school model and the level of learning, personalization, and community that comes with such a structure. Our focus on each and every one of our students is unencumbered and I know that if you have the opportunity to talk to our students and parents, you’ll find that this type of environment is having a profound impact on learning." Temp Keller, Co-founder and Director

Blyth-Templeton Academy is a micro school - we will limit our enrollment to 150 students. Why does it work? When we asked our students what they love about Blyth-Templeton Academy, we heard our reasons:

  • "There’s only 4 people in my history class. You can email the teacher and ask her a specific question and she’ll answer it and go into depth."
  • "The teachers are very engaged with you and because the classrooms are so small you can build a better connection with your teachers."
  • "At my old school, I liked being able to just hide and not have to talk. You can’t do that here."

As educators we know that the personal attention we can offer in our small classrooms support our students' individual learning goals and needs. We see confirmation every day that our school is a judgement free zone. Our students feel safe to experiment and to stretch beyond their comfort levels without worrying about what others think. Our school encourages a community of friendships among students who are purposeful and eager to learn.

The parents of our students look for a strong academic program in the small school environment. They also want their teens to be safe and thrive as individuals.

"At his previous school he was losing his love of learning, getting lost and slipping through the cracks. Classes were large. At BTA the smaller class size was great for him and he learned to be accountable for his work." 10th Grade Parent

" We wish Blyth-Templeton had been around earlier in our child's education! It is a terrific alternative to the larger private schools in the area, with exceptional customization to each child's needs." 12th Grade parent

What we can offer in our small classes is the opportunity for every student to increase their desire and capacity to learn independently. Blyth-Templeton Academy is a school designed purposefully to be all about the students.

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Templeton Academy is an experiential micro school with locations on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and in Nashville, TN. It offers an academically rigorous curriculum designed to foster intellectual curiosity through active learning and community exploration. The small class sizes ensure that each student has a front row seat in classes with an average size of 10. Our model combines a warm, inviting atmosphere with great teaching that allows our students to flourish. Schedule a visit soon.

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