Will Your Teen Fit In at a Private School?

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“Most people who are here aren’t here just because it’s a school in their neighborhood, but they’re looking for a place that fits them.  It’s a different feeling to fit in and it gives a different level of confidence.” 10th Grade Student, Blyth-Templeton Academy

As a parent or a teen, selecting the private school that will be the best fit is not always easy. Your family is looking for the perfect match. At Blyth-Templeton Academy, we are familiar with the concerns that families express during their school visits and interviews. Every teen has different needs and talents, and, of course, they should feel nourished, accepted and challenged in their educational experience. They need the right school. 

It is crucial that students feel confident that they will be supported when they take risks in their learning and development. The culture of the school is as important as the academic reputation. Here’s what BTA has to offer:

  • Highly individualized, student-centered experiential education program
  • Small class sizes that encourage close teacher and peer relationships
  • Academically rigorous curriculum that is meaningful to students
  • The city of Washington DC as our classroom
  • Block scheduling that allows students to focus on two courses each term

Our students are smart, driven, artistic, kind, and curious. They want to actively participate in their learning with teachers as partners. They are motivated to learn about the world and their role in it. Here’s what they have to say:

“BTA is open to your ideas, so you can sit there and listen like in any other class, but if they’re discussing something you have an opinion about, you can state it without experiencing any backlash.” 11th-grade student

“I'm absorbing the information; I'm not just regurgitating facts.” 11th-grade student

“The work is tough, but we're doing it for a reason, and we're actually benefitting. We ask how does this work in the real world?" 12th-grade student

At BTA we encourage our parents to be partners in learning. We want them to be involved and depend on their feedback to help us evaluate our progress. At a recent community meeting we heard from a parent of an 11th grade student:

"I cannot say enough positive things about the school and what it has done for our daughter. When she entered, she was stressed, discouraged and lacking in confidence. Now she feels successful, and she is blossoming and learning all kinds of new skills. She has had breakthroughs in all subject areas."

Blyth-Templeton Academy serves students who want to be prepared to thrive in any setting and who want to be fully engaged in their own academic process and in their community. We look forward to sharing our program with you.

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