What is Service Learning at Templeton Academy?

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At Templeton Academy we are fully committed to the service learning component of our curriculum which means that all our students engage in projects that help serve our community. Whether it’s building garden beds, growing vegetables, or tutoring neighborhood students, we are continually exploring ways to get involved and make a difference. Our teen students and their families quickly become aware of how valuable their community giving is.

Service learning experiences benefit our students in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • They learn to be responsible and mature citizens, gaining real life knowledge about new or different populations and the work and goals of civic organizations.
  • They develop a sense of connectedness to the school and community, where they feel valued for their contributions.
  • Students who participate in carefully designed community service experiences develop a higher level of attachment to school and increased engagement and motivation.

Templeton Academy offers two types of service experiences:

School Sponsored Service Learning Activities

To build camaraderie around service, group service learning obligations are scheduled by the School. Students are expected to participate in these group service learning events throughout the school year.

Individual Service Learning Experience

In addition to the school sponsored service activities, each student is expected to perform an individualized service learning experience. The experience should involve service in an unfamiliar setting that services undeserved or disadvantaged communities with which the student is also unfamiliar. This service may be performed during free periods of the school day, after school, on weekends, during school year vacations, or during the summer. This community service must meet specific guidelines, including:

  • Performed outside of the Templeton Academy community;
  • A minimum of 75 hours during one calendar year, up to 10 hours of which can be necessary training and preparation for performing the work to be conducted;
  • Nonpaying, consistent volunteer work in one activity;
  • Performed for an individual or community whose culture/circumstances is/are different from the student's;
  • Provide regular, direct interaction with the disadvantaged individual or population being served.

Every Templeton Academy student is expected to fulfill their service learning requirements to qualify for graduation. They have to first submit a detailed description (Service Learning Contract) of their proposed project for approval. At its conclusion, each project is evaluated by the student and the project supervisor. Our service-learning experiences are meaningful, last for an extended period and provide time for reflection, giving each student an opportunity to take full advantage of that community service experience.

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