The Role of Character in Strengths-Based Education

Templeton Academy Is a Micro School. What Does That Mean?

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Templeton Academy is a micro school. What does that mean? We are intentionally small. We average only eight students a class – a structure that encourages classroom discussion rather than lectures and collaboration over competition. Why?  In many high schools today the needs of individual students are overlooked.  In response, we and other educators are beginning to reconsider the value of small when it comes to school and class size. 

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Why We Don’t Celebrate “Easy”

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"Achievement = Talent + Effort"

Angela Duckworth, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

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Will Exploration and Discovery Motivate Your Teen?

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As a parent, the pop culture messages you see and hear about teenagers can be pretty discouraging. Teens are often portrayed with a broad brush – as an unmotivated bunch! Our experience at Blyth- Templeton Academy challenges that message. We see lots of motivation in our teen students. Their interests, hopes, and dreams change rapidly. It can be challenging  to keep up with those changes.

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Four Things You Can "Unlearn" to Help Your Teen

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 In my more than 30 years teaching and leading high schools, I often see parents unknowingly sabotage their own child’s success. They’ve been bombarded with messages that tell them, “the more involved you are in your child’s education, the more they will learn.” It’s not that parent involvement isn’t crucial to success, but many of us are doing it wrong. 

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