Can Experiential Learning Prepare My Teen for a Competitive College?

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When families are in the process of selecting the right private high school for their teen student, they consider many factors. One of those is the experiential learning program at Templeton Academy. A question that we hear from both students and parents:

“Are you sure that your experiential learning techniques maintain the rigorous curriculum expected  of a competitive curriculum?”

We know that our experiential learning program gives students the tools they need for success on any path they choose, including a rigorous college curriculum. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Templeton Academy students have a collegiate experience while still in high school. Most Templeton Academy students go immediately to college after graduation (with a few doing gap years). These students take both the cognitive and non-cognitive benefits of their experiential education and move on to some of the best colleges and universities in the country. They move on with confidence, self-assuredness, and integrity to successfully meet the challenges of higher education. Templeton Academy alums report that they are extremely well-prepared for their post-secondary experience.
  • Experiential learning is a whole school philosophy at Templeton Academy. It is not relegated to the arts or the humanities. While less conventional, Templeton Academy applies the experiential learning model to the most academically rigorous subjects, including all the courses you would hope to find in the transcript of a student moving on to college. The goal here is not to eliminate classes in the name of experiential learning. Instead, it is to enhance them so that the rigor comes from quality of thinking rather than quantity of information, a cheap commodity in the 21 st century.
Students don't lose out on building the transcript that will attract the college of their dreams because they are opting to participate in their learning experience. Instead, they develop more skills that will help them to present themselves as engaged, well-rounded learners who have developed critical thinking skills both inside and outside of the classroom.


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