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Most of us have experienced the traditional classroom - indoors, with rows of desks and a teacher in the front. At Templeton Academy, we do things differently. We primarily use Washington D.C. as our “classroom.” Located in a historically and culturally rich environment, our students have access to premier facilities and resources. What does that mean?

Research and Information

For example, the Washington D.C. Public Library is our “school library” and just a short walk away. The Public Library has an extensive on-site collection, along with access to other books and media through their expansive inter-library loan network.

We also have a secondary library: The Library of Congress, our nation’s library and the largest library in the world. And of course, our students have access to the infinite resources available online.

History and Culture

When a “classroom” includes learning environments such as the 19 museums of the Smithsonian Institute, the National Gallery of Art, The National Archives, The Holocaust Museum, and many more, students and their teachers are able to access source materials and experience historical and cultural treasures up close. Access to these premier and, often free, resources allows Templeton Academy to provide students with a world-class education while keeping costs low.

Learning Experiences

Our students engage directly in the experiential learning environment. Using D.C. as our classroom aligns with our dedication to experiential learning. Templeton Acaademy believes in facilitating a space for students to experience the real world in real-time; developing the ability to analyze, problem-solve, and address real-world issues. For example:

  • When learning about American Government, exploring how ideas become policy with governmental and non-profit agencies allows students to take ownership of their educational experience and their role and engaged citizens.
  • When our faculty present content on the ecosystem, exploring D.C’s wildlife provides students with a hands-on experience and more thorough understanding.
  • We are continually exploring ways to get involved and make a difference in our city. Our students engage in projects that help serve our community. Whether it’s building garden beds, growing vegetables, or tutoring neighborhood students.

Our goal is that students emerge from these learning experiences with a deeper understanding of the world around them, a desire to be a member and contributor to their communities, and independent, confident learners. In doing this, not only do we make a greater impact on our students and they in turn on our city, but we leave behind as small an environmental footprint as possible.

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