Templeton Academy

Templeton Academy is an experiential micro school with locations on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and in Nashville, TN. It offers an academically rigorous curriculum designed to foster intellectual curiosity through active learning and community exploration. The small class sizes ensure that each student has a front row seat in classes with an average size of 10. Our model combines a warm, inviting atmosphere with great teaching that allows our students to flourish. Schedule a visit soon.
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BTA Voted One of Top 3 High Schools in DC!

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Coming up on the end of Blyth-Templeton Academy's third year since opening on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, readers of Washington City Paper voted it one of the 3 best high schools in the DC area. Other top schools included DC International and Woodrow Wilson High School.

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Your Teen Can Make a Difference in the Community

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At Templeton Academy we are fully committed to the service-learning component of our curriculum which means that all our students engage in projects that help serve our community. Whether it’s building garden beds, growing vegetables, or tutoring neighborhood students, we are continually exploring ways to get involved and make a difference. Our teen students and their families quickly become aware of how valuable their community giving is.

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Templeton Academy Students Learn by Experiencing the Real World

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Most of us have experienced the traditional classroom - indoors, with rows of desks and a teacher in the front. At Templeton Academy, we do things differently. We primarily use Washington D.C. as our “classroom.” Located in a historically and culturally rich environment, our students have access to premier facilities and resources. What does that mean?

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What a Small School Can Offer Your Teen

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Templeton Academy is a micro-school. That means that we are intentionally small – we will keep our enrollment below 150 students and our average class size is eight. At Templeton Academy we have learned that, with smaller class sizes, education professionals can keep students engaged with innovative classroom solutions. Our model combines a warm, inviting atmosphere with great teaching that allows our students to flourish. Our teachers combine care and empathy with a single-minded determination to serve our students well.

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Helping Your Teen Develop a Growth Mindset

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According to Stanford University's professor Carol Dweck, the beliefs children have about intelligence, effort, and struggle impact the choices they make about learning. She divides the beliefs of both students and their parents into two views of intelligence - a fixed or a growth mindset. Parents can be instrumental in which mindset their children develop. Here is a review from Mindsetkit.org with some suggestions for parents:

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