Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is a Community Coordinator and Humanities Teacher for Templeton Academy. An experienced educator, director, filmmaker and administrator, he has a B.A. in Theater, Film and Media Studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and an M.A. in Film and Video from American University.

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What is Exhibition Day? A Look at a Templeton Academy Community Tradition

student-centered learning, experiential learning, Washington D.C.

 Every school has traditions and customs that make it unique: a school song, an annual spirit week, or a regular service project.

These special traditions help create a school community that feels like a family, united around common memories and a common effort to grow and learn together. For Templeton Academy in D.C., our favorite community traditions include something we call Exhibition Day.

Keep reading as we explore what Exhibition Day is, how it brings out the best in our students, and what it means for our larger community of Templeton Academy parents, friends, and supporters in the...

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