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A Day in the Life of a Middle School Student at Templeton Academy Nashville

[fa icon="calendar"] 3/4/19 5:35 PM / by Kalee Barbis

Kalee Barbis

middle-schoolers-museum-day-in-the-lifeIf you are new to the idea of experiential learning, it can be tough to visualize what the school day looks like at Templeton Academy. In our Day in the Life series, we present student stories and visuals in order to help you picture what it would be like for your child to become a part of our small, student-centered environment. 

“See you later, mom!” Zoe shouted as she shut the car door and ran up the stairs to the entrance where Mrs. Barbis, the head of school, waited to high five her. Zoe walked through the cafeteria and common area, up to the middle school floor. She checked in with her homeroom and house teacher, Ms. Smith.

Zoe remembers back to her house sorting day. The day of the house sorting ceremony felt so exciting. Zoe had filled out her sheet. She wrote about how she loved art, rock climbing, and helping others. It made total sense when she got sorted into Altruistico. She loves the gold color, the banner her house made that hangs in her house space. She also really enjoys it when her house gets altogether. They recently volunteered at Fall- Hamilton Elementary. She got to read to the cutest Kindergartner. She loves that each day begins and ends with her House, her People.

Today’s House time opens with a circle and a quote from Maya Angelou. The quote made Zoe think and she enjoyed hearing what her classmates thought. She took three deep breaths and then went to first period class, English.

In English, Zoe greets Ms. Miller. In Ms. Miller’s class, they have been reading The Odyssey , which goes along with what she is learning about the Greeks in History Class. Today, her class is going to see an exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts.. Before joining Templeton Academy, Zoe only went on a couple of field trips during the year. Now she gets to go on field trips (or excursions as Templeton Academy calls them) all the time. She loves how Ms. Miller teaches both English and History together.

Zoe gets back from the Frist Center for the Visual Arts just in time for Spanish. She loves Spanish with Mrs. Moore. Even though Mrs. Moore talks really fast in Spanish, she plays games and makes Zoe laugh. Zoe has been feeling more and more confident and has even speaking Spanish at home. When Templeton Academy first started, they were unsure what languages the school would have, but after meeting with each student and seeing languages students were most interested in, Templeton Academy landed on Spanish.

Next, Zoe has lunch! She eats with all the middle school students. She waves excitedly across the cafeteria to her best friend, Kate. She loves relaxing in her common space and coming together.

Zoe visits Mr. Corbett for her last class. Her math class with him is amazing. He combines math and science. In class last week, they learned about measurements and how to change mixed fractions. After learning about measurements and practicing with the fractions, they get to build a volcano. For the volcano, they will actually be using the science lab. Next week, they are going to the Adventure Science Museum as they continue the unit on earth phenomenons. The plan is to visit the Vapor Vortex display when they learn about tornadoes.

After science and math, Zoe changes for exploratory. Right now, she is in the cross country exploratory. She is so pumped when Mr. Budisantoso leads the team through stretches. Zoe follows the team to the Greenway. She loves running along the path next to the river. She goes over the pedestrian bridge and allows herself to stop for water next to Nissan Stadium.

Zoe runs back to school and returns to Ms. Smith and the House of Altruistico. She is sweaty, but feels proud of how she did in practice. She tells her housemates about her day. She finishes the day with three deep breaths. After dismissal, she runs back out to the car and greets her other sisters. When her mom asks how the day went, Zoe isn’t sure where to start! It was an awesome and normal Tuesday.

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Kalee Barbis

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Kalee is the founding Head of School for Templeton Academy in Nashville. Kalee is a Nashville native with a decade of educational experience. Educated at the University of Tennessee, Lipscomb, and Vanderbilt Universities. Kalee is deeply committed to personalized, experiential education. She has a strong track record in developing relationships with students and teachers, and cultivating a student-centered classroom. Kalee spent the past three years in Washington DC, founding Washington Leadership Academy, an XQ Super School focused on reimagining high school, as the assistant principal. Prior to that, Kalee taught in Nashville for six years. She is excited to return home to bring BTA to the city.

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