Is Block Scheduling the Way of the Future in Education?

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Block scheduling is an innovation in schools that has earned increasing support from educators, parents, and students. This type of scheduling allows for longer class periods that offer increased instruction time. Public and private high schools that adopt the block schedule are looking for increased student engagement and improved academic outcomes.  What, exactly, is block scheduling? And how can it improve learning?

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We Have Exciting News...Our Name Is Changing to Templeton Academy!

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We’re excited to announce that going forward Blyth-Telpleton Academy will be known as Templeton Academy.

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Kalee’s Original Templeton Academy Application

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Why is this the right location for the next Templeton Academy?

Nashville is a city of both tradition and innovation as a leader in the music, healthcare, hospitality, and tech industries. Nashville’s rapid growth brings a hundred new people to the city each day. While the city is making sweeping changes to embrace the city’s growth and  innovation- one field has remained stagnant- education. According to US News, Tennessee ranks 37th in high school rankings in 2017. Nashville’s public schools rank an average ACT Score of 18.7. Nashville parents are forced to choose between terrible public...

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Summer Reading

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I missed the third day of junior year- because I failed to do my Summer Reading. My incredible-in-every-other-way English III teacher used summer reading to weed students out of class. I read John Irving’s The Prayer for Owen Meany. I loved reading- reading the book was not the issue for me to complete; rather she assigned a terrible, pointless project to go with it.  Now, 18 years later, I still remember it: track the different motifs throughout the book. One of the motifs included a baseball and even years later, I feel sure that the word baseball appeared over 100 times in the book....

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Top 5 Favorite Summer Learning Trips for Families in Tennessee

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At Templeton Academy we know that learning doesn’t stop during the summer holiday. As our new students gear up for our opening day this fall, we have compiled a list of our team’s favorite summer destinations that bring together fun and learning for an impactful holiday trip. We also understand first-hand how hands-on and experiential learning can impact and engage young learners, helping them connect with history, the arts, math and science like never before.

Put down the remote and head out for some summer fun that will both engage your students’ brains and provide fun experiences for...

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